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I moved!!!

so please, update your feed readers / links – because now I have my own domain and blog there! And the bets is – the WHOLE blog moved, including all comments and such!

Isn’t that great?


soon to be transferred

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to my own .com domain! Including a hell of a lot of webspace, too!

After spending nearly a half day of looking for the ideal webhost, I have found it – and since I got a reply to my 3 (test) questions within 10 minutes, I think that’s the one for me. I don’t intend to need support a lot, it seems as if I could do all the stuff I want to do there, so once that is settled I’ll set a wordpress blog up there – I think I remember a forwarding option when setting this bugger here up, but we’ll see. Soon I’m on my own!

Oh, about the dyeing

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With the CHUMtorial I totally forgot that there were 2 more pics on that memory card – the outcome of the first ever peachy dyeing session!

in the skein (not reskeined):

and wound into balls:

Aren’t they lovely? Taken, the Regia, the one on the right, that I handpainted on saran wrap, looks like a candy bar, but the kettle-dyeing with the merino (from OnLine) went really well. The reds are not really vibrant but a little bleached, and the green went out a lot, but for a first try I’m more than satisfied!

I love those blue mail sacks

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Most UK yarns come in them – and today one small sack waited for me on top of the mailbox, containing this:

Sock yarn from the Violet Green Wool shop! The dark skein is the “Cassandra” colourway, in 100& merino, the lavender is the October Special, in Merino/PA mix. looove both! The lavender might actually become the toe-up sock for the CHUMtorial, I’m a bit out of the green phase at the moment. And the shop also carries Cascade 220, as I just found out! With those low shipping charges I’ll stay a loyal customer for sure!

I also got a set of bamboo dpns – and now I’m not sure if I should keep them, or send them to my secret pal. The other bamboo dpns I had I snapped because my tension is that tight, but I have those clover takumi in 4mm, and I love them! Well, we’ll see.

Now I’m not sure if I should order that solid colour merino roving from my local dealer to get delivered to my doorstep, or if I should wait until my lazy Kate arrives, and pick all up together. I mean I can wait, I have too much to do at the moment anyways – but still … meh. I guess I’ll wait, and see if I can’t delay 😉

actually thinking

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yeah, it happens not very often, but I DO think 😉

Jibes aside, I’m thinking of getting my own domain/hosting thing, first for the blog, second for eventual books to be written, third for a small shop (patterns and the likes).  I guess “BLOG” will be the most used thing there. I do have some free space with my account at the university, but I hate the ftp, cannot have blogs there, and as I want to have a domain, too, that all keeps pointing at getting such a package. I also looked around, there are some very useful-looking hosts around here (although I tend towards those who actually put money into their web presentation!). the cheapest is local, and starts with 3 EUR per months, .com or the likes domain included, and seems pretty okay. And I could soo afford that! They just do limit the traffic, and I don’t know how much I’d need.

The second one is in Germany, but that’s not the problem.  it is looking similar, with no traffic limitations, is a bit more expensive, but also a favorite at the moment. Still waiting for the it guys from my contact list to get back to me about that. maybe I can make a deal with one of them, as I know some do host servers, and I know they can be bought with Chinese food 😉

So that’s what I’m think about now. What do you think about this? Do I need stuff like this?

me and my typos

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So yesterday has been fun – 10 hours D&D less dungeon, more fellow players hacking (okay, rather bickering), but still … and I got 10 gigantic rows on my sock knit!! I’m the fastest knitting in the world 😉

The new week has started, and my motivation is next to nothing. Instead I got my loom over to the computer, and will now spend the next hours weaving while listening to podcasts. I think that’s good for the soul.

I’m also trying hard to decide wether to join the sockin’ sock club 2008, or not. I mean I loved all the yarns, and all patterns but one, but I haven’t knit a single stitch of those, and they way I’m going it would be soo much cheaper to wait the year and buy the yarn when it’s open to all, plus the patterns I like. And I have 2 other socks clubs that I love, and intend to go on with, so … hard to decide.

And I love the yellow leaves infront of my window.

btw, the title of this post? I don’t know what I tyoped in last time, or on some comments, but apparently I cannot even type “loom”. stupid little me!

I’m such a dork …

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I just ditched my plans of writing that discussion – to go spinning and weaving. Honestly, my mental well-being is more important than a week of finishing earlier. and when I aid “I’ll bring it in on Friday” that did not really tell which Friday …? Yep, I’m a dork, I know, but one happy spinning weaving dork at that.