The CC

As in Coat and Colourmart!

here finally, the promised pictures of the Natalie Coat, from big Girl Knits:

The is the actual colour, and the whole thing is getting a bit heavy on the straights already – but then I have been knitting socks and lace only for the last whole year.

Here’s the detail of the Daisy Stitch panel:

Mind you, the actual colour is a lot more blue, like the one above, just a tad bit darker. But freaky fall light does not go too well with my camera, apparently.

I’m knitting with Lana Grossa Stop – 50% viscose, 50% microfiber, whatever that means, but it’s feeling great, a bit velvety, and this time, on 5mm needles it does not stretch so much like on the smaller ones I used last time. And I forwent the waist shaping, as that is the part where I will likely close that bugger, so a bit extra fabric might not be too bad, too.

Last week I also talked about the Tilted Duster, and the colourmart yarn I ordered – 3rd workday later, I got it in the mail yesterday!
Look at this beauty, for once no colour changes:

A nice, vibrant purple. It is a cotton / cashmere blend, and last time I checked there was a whole load of them – and yesterday, nearly sold out. But that stuff is so great – soft like the cashmere, you don’t actually feel the cotton, but not a lint or fuss anywhere. Once Richard stocks more of it, I’ll get me some for lace knitting, too.

This likely will not be for the Duster in the end, because it is of lighter weight, even 4 plies together, but I will find some pattern for 2000 yards of sports weight purple love for sure 🙂

If someone actually checked on the Chum yesterday, the ESotD for Monday went up after midnight, Tuesday. Because today my connection should have changed provider, but got postponed to February – don’t ask, I stopped minding a whole time ago. i still have my 10gb download limit each month, and don’t pay awfully much, so let’s just rest this, and from March 1st on, everything will be fine.


~ by peachy on September 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “The CC”

  1. Im looking forward to seeing the finished product! Love the colour too!!! What sort of wheel do you have?

  2. I have an ashford joy, bought this summer, and loving it!

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