Oh, gals, I gotta tell you …

Increasing my fame this week, again! because today I had the honour to do the WOYNW (what’s on your needles wednesday) post for the Chum Blog! Squee!

And was a good excuse to take pics of everything, too. Because today my Kidsilk haze was in the mail!! I nearly swooned when I opened the package, it’s that good. My own personal crack!!

But, let’s keep it low here, too.

New pics of my current projects, the MS3 and a sock, finally got taken:

Using Lisa Souza yarn, in South Pacific, my most beloved colourway of hers at the moment.

But finally, here, the Modern Quilt wrap, or rather, behold the yarn!!
First, the progress pic, for all who don’t want to wait until the rest has loaded: First square down, second nearly done. Of 60+ squares. Luckily for me, I found that tutorial (link on the chum, and the woynw entry), or I’d rather die than weave in all those ends:

Behold my KSH stash – on the left the old one (with 2 plus 4 skeins for extra projects) – on the right, what came today

All my colours out of their bags:

And behold the merry band for the Wrap:

I’m so in love with the yarn, I think that justifies the price. some. But honestly, at least I knit with it, most of it will be gone in a few weeks, and I even get a present out of it. What else could a girl want?

Oh, yeah, I got a postcard from my secret pal!! I’m so thrilled, really! Got the best pal ever!! Such a great day.


~ by peachy on September 12, 2007.

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