Uhm, just …

I think I just scraped within 2 inches of a heart attack.

Go here,  last paragraph, somewhere in the middle, and then you will understand!

This totally comes when you’re working on a scientific thesis that involves a lot of background knowledge about the heart (I worked with those cells for 14 frigging months, I should know!) , and then get to read stuff like this when you’re taking a break from unspeakable words (I mean, say ischemic and progressive heart failure ten times in a row!) and 3-4 letter abbreviations (when you can recite the correct non-abbreviated words by heart, this gets serious) – gah!!!

Please recite after me: Peachy editor-in-chiefing the Chum

Now I so need something to drink, even though it’s not yet 11 a.m.!!


~ by peachy on September 24, 2007.

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