Just woot!

I’m generally not a real believer in anything. But this week has proven again: what goes around, comes around, and when one part of the world is biting your ass, the other will make up for it. So true!!

So I did some food colour dyeing yesterday. Right now it’s soaking in the tub –

Lots of yellows, reds and reddy browns, and I learned a valuable lesson (no, two!). First, green plus yellow will not yield blue. Never ;). and Second, before you despair because of the lack of blue you should go through the cupboards your mother stocked ages ago, because I found a whole box full of food colour packages. Of course after dyeing, but still – I have enough for the next round soon to come! But so far I loooove the colours!!

Then, the mailman was to lazy to lug two packages to my door – most catalogues will weigh more, but I had to fetch them seperately. Behold the goodness that comes from White Willow – as always, I’m stunned with Brooke’s stuff!

The colours are a bit off, the bag is white in the background – and I sooo love it! The yarn is lace weight, in “autumn oak” and much more vibrant than here, or on the website. Go buy her stuff, now!! I just looked, that Tinkerbell lace weight – don’t buy that, I want that, too! So worth double the money she wants for it!

The second package that came was from Mandie (you should know the link to her shop by now!!) – ever lovely optim goodness! I think at least all 3 are optim, although they have merino top designations – but whatever, I loove them!

Better pics will follow once they hop onto my bobbins! And see what I got for being a pesky customer and little-sister-in-substitute:

Sunshine Daze Dread Scarf!!
Now, I would surely have hunted down that merino top if it hadn’t felted up – but it is sooo lovely! No, really, the colours – just stunning!

And as all that wasn’t enough – my Chumtorial got mentioned!!! On Craftzine!!!! When I saw the mentioning of that in one of the comments, still with sleepy eyes and no caffeine, I was literally sitting beside myself. I’m a crafty celebrity, now!! At least I can tell that my bruised ego, and while offer bright shiny smiles at the cats throughout the day – they seem quite scared of the effect! Strike!!

All that taken together adds up to just one thing: I feel loved! Plus, my new nifty cold weather jacket just arrived, and now I’m warm out- and inside 😉

Honestly, now I just have to sort stuff out with my thesis, get a place for my PhD – and the world will be 110% good. Things are just great at the moment, and although I still have my downs, I think that’s really just related to my inner stress levels because of that thesis (and the 2.5 year old protocols that I still have to submit). I know perfectly well that once I get my lazy ass out of the flat, sort out the university stuff (which needs less sorting and more handing over stuff), life will be great.

So life, thanks for listening to Miss V, now help her with the car and stove, and then – stay that way!!!


~ by peachy on October 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Just woot!”

  1. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the dyed yarn once it’s dry and all.

  2. Wow, that Autumn Oak yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

    And why haven’t got received my EGMTK rovings yet?! *ARRRGGGH*

  3. Ugh…I am such a DITZ! The three hand dyeds pictured are Optim..which begins life as Merino and then is stretched until it’s Optim!!
    Sorry for getting the labelling all wrong Chick..xoxo

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