I need a time machine!

Please, someone invent a device for me so I get an extra 10 hours every day for crafty purposes?

Because – I have a new addiction – weaving!!

As I already blared out to the world last week, I took a weaving class yesterday. First came the choice of yarn to use for the rigid heddle loom woven scarf-to-be. I was presented with some bouclée mohair yarn from ashford (because the great woman running shop & classes is the only ashford dealer around here) – I now checked and it is only 9 % nylon, but I was skeptical to say the least. The colours I was advised on also looked strange – two variegated ones, one in greens blues yellows, the other in violets, purples, blues – that together? But I trusted – and oh, that was a good decision!

While this was not a private class, I was the only pupil for the first 30 minutes, and in that time I got a roundabout of the loom, how patterns are done, we warped it, and I was set to start weaving. And 2 hour later, tata! Scarf finished! And sooo great!

I had every intention of buying a loom if it went well – and that#s why I left with the Ashford Knitter’s Loom under my arm. Now behold the glory!

The loom is yet to be assmebled, but the neon pink case inside the box – pretty! Also the “Just add yarn” line is great!

Here a closeup on the scarf:

Doesn’t that look totally like designer garment? And it was the easiest thing I ever did! Soooo love the loom. Now I know what till become of all that handspun … hehe. I’m just looking for some inspiration, and possibly some patterns online, because the two ashford books are yet to be looked at, and bought, in the future. Plus some gorgeous solid merino, 500 gr each, in lime green and a deep violet. Pretty – and sooo worthy of a woven scarf.

In other news, today was the first snow of the season! nearly of the year, because we had no winter last year, but still …

I looove that dark first-snow weather – and yes, that’s snow on the roof opposite. Not much (will get more in december, likely), but still – yay!


~ by peachy on October 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “I need a time machine!”

  1. I’m totally jealous of you now…I want to learn to weave, too!

    We also got some snow here in Munich. I LOVE this time of the year and I’m totally looking forward to winter. I missed winter last year, too.

  2. Are they not the BEST things? I love my Knitters LOOM and your scarf looks great too.

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