actually thinking

yeah, it happens not very often, but I DO think 😉

Jibes aside, I’m thinking of getting my own domain/hosting thing, first for the blog, second for eventual books to be written, third for a small shop (patterns and the likes).  I guess “BLOG” will be the most used thing there. I do have some free space with my account at the university, but I hate the ftp, cannot have blogs there, and as I want to have a domain, too, that all keeps pointing at getting such a package. I also looked around, there are some very useful-looking hosts around here (although I tend towards those who actually put money into their web presentation!). the cheapest is local, and starts with 3 EUR per months, .com or the likes domain included, and seems pretty okay. And I could soo afford that! They just do limit the traffic, and I don’t know how much I’d need.

The second one is in Germany, but that’s not the problem.  it is looking similar, with no traffic limitations, is a bit more expensive, but also a favorite at the moment. Still waiting for the it guys from my contact list to get back to me about that. maybe I can make a deal with one of them, as I know some do host servers, and I know they can be bought with Chinese food 😉

So that’s what I’m think about now. What do you think about this? Do I need stuff like this?


~ by peachy on October 22, 2007.

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