I love those blue mail sacks

Most UK yarns come in them – and today one small sack waited for me on top of the mailbox, containing this:

Sock yarn from the Violet Green Wool shop! The dark skein is the “Cassandra” colourway, in 100& merino, the lavender is the October Special, in Merino/PA mix. looove both! The lavender might actually become the toe-up sock for the CHUMtorial, I’m a bit out of the green phase at the moment. And the shop also carries Cascade 220, as I just found out! With those low shipping charges I’ll stay a loyal customer for sure!

I also got a set of bamboo dpns – and now I’m not sure if I should keep them, or send them to my secret pal. The other bamboo dpns I had I snapped because my tension is that tight, but I have those clover takumi in 4mm, and I love them! Well, we’ll see.

Now I’m not sure if I should order that solid colour merino roving from my local dealer to get delivered to my doorstep, or if I should wait until my lazy Kate arrives, and pick all up together. I mean I can wait, I have too much to do at the moment anyways – but still … meh. I guess I’ll wait, and see if I can’t delay 😉


~ by peachy on October 22, 2007.

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