me and my typos

So yesterday has been fun – 10 hours D&D less dungeon, more fellow players hacking (okay, rather bickering), but still … and I got 10 gigantic rows on my sock knit!! I’m the fastest knitting in the world 😉

The new week has started, and my motivation is next to nothing. Instead I got my loom over to the computer, and will now spend the next hours weaving while listening to podcasts. I think that’s good for the soul.

I’m also trying hard to decide wether to join the sockin’ sock club 2008, or not. I mean I loved all the yarns, and all patterns but one, but I haven’t knit a single stitch of those, and they way I’m going it would be soo much cheaper to wait the year and buy the yarn when it’s open to all, plus the patterns I like. And I have 2 other socks clubs that I love, and intend to go on with, so … hard to decide.

And I love the yellow leaves infront of my window.

btw, the title of this post? I don’t know what I tyoped in last time, or on some comments, but apparently I cannot even type “loom”. stupid little me!


~ by peachy on October 22, 2007.

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