So you really want to know more about the person behind “peachy knits”? I guess so, as you’ve clicked the “about” link.

But seriously, what should I write here? I haven’t got a clue.

Let’s just begin with the basics, I guess.

I’m 24 years old, was born, raised, and currently live in Vienna, Austria, Europe (we are the guys with the Alps and Mozart, not the kangaroos). I’m a university student, subject Molecular Biology, in about a few months I should be finished with my diploma thesis, getting my Master of Science degree (MSc, here we call it Magister (Mag)). I plan to study on for my PhD, and will eventually work in this field for the rest of my life. “This field” means basic biological science, basic as in “what makes everything go”.

I’m happily living with my boyfriend and two cats, Éowyn and Eillistraee (Ellistree spoken), a.k.a. the Dumb White and Se Demon Cat, respectively; both only listening to “Nein!!” (meaning NO! in english), and “Raubtiere!” (meaning predators in english) when they get their food. After a year with them we have given up any hopes of ever taming them.

I love to knit, which you probably already know, as this is a knitting blog! I also crochet and sew, both with success but not very often. Life and work just get in the way of things.

Should I ever win the lottery, and with winning I mean enough cash to never even think about doing something useful, we might move over to the US, because of monetary and yarny goodness 😉

The farthest I’ve been from home were two weeks in Iceland, quite cool, but more in style then temperature (but that, too). I’ve also love to spend my holidays in London, four trips already stating that.

I’m known as a compelled computer gamer, gamer in the sense of spending weeks with new games, and not all of the unbloody kind. I also think that violent games do help the psyche, to a certain kind and when used by people who know about their general mental state – but there’s nothing like a fast hour of plain unread tournament when your boss made your life miserable during the day. At least it helps me 😉 But honestly, some of the shooters I just play for the graphics. Honestly 😉 Yet generally I prefer role-playing games. I also belong to a small D&D (dungeons & dragons, we play hardcore pen & paper!) group, all of us are academics in background, and yes, we are nerds! All but one even wear glasses. Now this is starting to freak me out …

If I had three wishes, one would be dedicated to having more money than I would need (see lottery above). If I just had one, I’d take happiness – seriously, if you are happy, do you need much else?

I’m an unpublished author of a gigantic, epic fantasy novel I started writing when I was in high school, nearly 12 years ago. One of my great visions is getting that thing edited and done, published, and then made into a movie by a director who really knows how to get it straight. Probably Peter Jackson, and Weta for the effects. Please?

If I could turn back time I’d go back 3 years, and get the few loose ends of my study right before they get too loose – or go back 6 years and study something totally different. But I’d rather have option 1.

If I did not depend on money, I would spend my days writing, knitting, and playing with my cats.

Now you know something of me.

Plus, I’m Staff Writer at the Lime & Violet Daily Chum , so if you’ve read till here, and still feel like you want to communicate with me, personally – drop me a line at peachy AT limenviolet DOT com.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi! Found your blog from the VLT blog site. I am working on a Melon Shawl and saw your GORGEOUS one! I had some questions about the border- as I have never done one before and hope you can help? Mainly, I found the directions VAGUE- did you do one row of border per one row of the main shawl? does that make sense? it’s like when i get to the side I am supposed to attach, I’m not sure whether to skip rows or do 1 to 1. I feel like it is SO slow and will take the rest of my life to finish the border! ALSO – and this probably seems clear- but I dont get it! – If I am on the PURL side of the border to do the ATTACHING to the main body and it says to KNIT thru the back loop – do i KNIT thru the back loop of BOTH the stitch I am attaching AND the last stitch on the needle??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. You’d never guess I have been knitting longer than you’ve been alive!!
    I am also in STR club. Not loving my Grasshopper sox – the yarn is a bit wonky for the pattern i think- so those also taking forever – but will no doubt love them when finished.
    Have a great day and Thanks!!! Beth

  2. hallo, echt witzig, wie du schreibst. really funny, your “about”

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