I need a time machine!

•October 20, 2007 • 2 Comments

Please, someone invent a device for me so I get an extra 10 hours every day for crafty purposes?

Because – I have a new addiction – weaving!!

As I already blared out to the world last week, I took a weaving class yesterday. First came the choice of yarn to use for the rigid heddle loom woven scarf-to-be. I was presented with some boucl̩e mohair yarn from ashford (because the great woman running shop & classes is the only ashford dealer around here) РI now checked and it is only 9 % nylon, but I was skeptical to say the least. The colours I was advised on also looked strange Рtwo variegated ones, one in greens blues yellows, the other in violets, purples, blues Рthat together? But I trusted Рand oh, that was a good decision!

While this was not a private class, I was the only pupil for the first 30 minutes, and in that time I got a roundabout of the loom, how patterns are done, we warped it, and I was set to start weaving. And 2 hour later, tata! Scarf finished! And sooo great!

I had every intention of buying a loom if it went well – and that#s why I left with the Ashford Knitter’s Loom under my arm. Now behold the glory!

The loom is yet to be assmebled, but the neon pink case inside the box – pretty! Also the “Just add yarn” line is great!

Here a closeup on the scarf:

Doesn’t that look totally like designer garment? And it was the easiest thing I ever did! Soooo love the loom. Now I know what till become of all that handspun … hehe. I’m just looking for some inspiration, and possibly some patterns online, because the two ashford books are yet to be looked at, and bought, in the future. Plus some gorgeous solid merino, 500 gr each, in lime green and a deep violet. Pretty – and sooo worthy of a woven scarf.

In other news, today was the first snow of the season! nearly of the year, because we had no winter last year, but still …

I looove that dark first-snow weather – and yes, that’s snow on the roof opposite. Not much (will get more in december, likely), but still – yay!


Just woot!

•October 18, 2007 • 3 Comments

I’m generally not a real believer in anything. But this week has proven again: what goes around, comes around, and when one part of the world is biting your ass, the other will make up for it. So true!!

So I did some food colour dyeing yesterday. Right now it’s soaking in the tub –

Lots of yellows, reds and reddy browns, and I learned a valuable lesson (no, two!). First, green plus yellow will not yield blue. Never ;). and Second, before you despair because of the lack of blue you should go through the cupboards your mother stocked ages ago, because I found a whole box full of food colour packages. Of course after dyeing, but still – I have enough for the next round soon to come! But so far I loooove the colours!!

Then, the mailman was to lazy to lug two packages to my door – most catalogues will weigh more, but I had to fetch them seperately. Behold the goodness that comes from White Willow – as always, I’m stunned with Brooke’s stuff!

The colours are a bit off, the bag is white in the background – and I sooo love it! The yarn is lace weight, in “autumn oak” and much more vibrant than here, or on the website. Go buy her stuff, now!! I just looked, that Tinkerbell lace weight – don’t buy that, I want that, too! So worth double the money she wants for it!

The second package that came was from Mandie (you should know the link to her shop by now!!) – ever lovely optim goodness! I think at least all 3 are optim, although they have merino top designations – but whatever, I loove them!

Better pics will follow once they hop onto my bobbins! And see what I got for being a pesky customer and little-sister-in-substitute:

Sunshine Daze Dread Scarf!!
Now, I would surely have hunted down that merino top if it hadn’t felted up – but it is sooo lovely! No, really, the colours – just stunning!

And as all that wasn’t enough – my Chumtorial got mentioned!!! On Craftzine!!!! When I saw the mentioning of that in one of the comments, still with sleepy eyes and no caffeine, I was literally sitting beside myself. I’m a crafty celebrity, now!! At least I can tell that my bruised ego, and while offer bright shiny smiles at the cats throughout the day – they seem quite scared of the effect! Strike!!

All that taken together adds up to just one thing: I feel loved! Plus, my new nifty cold weather jacket just arrived, and now I’m warm out- and inside 😉

Honestly, now I just have to sort stuff out with my thesis, get a place for my PhD – and the world will be 110% good. Things are just great at the moment, and although I still have my downs, I think that’s really just related to my inner stress levels because of that thesis (and the 2.5 year old protocols that I still have to submit). I know perfectly well that once I get my lazy ass out of the flat, sort out the university stuff (which needs less sorting and more handing over stuff), life will be great.

So life, thanks for listening to Miss V, now help her with the car and stove, and then – stay that way!!!


•October 16, 2007 • 1 Comment

Behold the glory!!

And here’s the front view of the dyes:

Now I’m ready to dye, like, a ton of yarn!!
In colors green, yellow, and strawberry red.
But getting just 3 really small flasks would have cost nearly as much as one of the big ones, so I opted to get three of them – and if dyeing really didn’t work out, I can always make red noodles 😉

I don’t know yet if I’ll do kettle dyeing or painting – but for tonight I’ll skein up the regia and some other yarn I have at home for month and soak it in water / vinegar. And tomorrow we’ll see what comes of this.

Also, wen I opened the wordpress site, I saw this:

See what I mean? If not, take a closer look, above the “done” in the broswer bar, left – see it now) What is that doing on the worpress homepage? It’s also in the blogging window. Cute!

Plus, now you know that I listen to apocalyptica while surfing with firefox 😉

addict? for sure!

•October 16, 2007 • 2 Comments

After yesterday’s post things got better – thanks for the great comment, and due to the fact that our noew senseo coffee maker came, the evening was saved. I also contemplated a shopping spree to get over the bad feeling – until I realized that no, I didn’t want new shoes, sweaters, pants – I just want yarn!! Talking of addiction … 😉

What I did was knit on with my SotS – that’s the progress so far after 2 days:

I just joined the two parts, and I think will be done with hint #1 today, provided we find something to watch in the evening. Tuesday = crappy TV day. And due to stupid program changes, we missed recording The Shield on Sunday night. Duh.

Last week I also started knitting up my handspun! The gorgeous Touchstone will become fetchings:

There is NO BUMP in my little finger! Just a freak photography. I will also add another cable repeat on the top, it’s a bit too short, even for my short hands. Apparently I didn’t get gauge (now this is funny as I didn’t even swatch, hehe). Plus, the freak darker green stripe is only evident in the picture, not the real piece. I loove my camera sometimes!

One of these days …

•October 15, 2007 • 2 Comments

Could someone please give me a bottle of something with high percentage of alcohol? I soo need to get drunk …

Just why do incompetent people always have to tell me that not their incompetence, but my lack of effort brought my thesis up short in regard to results? Let this be said, by Friday I will submit it for the last time, and if that means a worse mark – I don’t care! I never cared to start with! And most important, I don’t wanna see that thing anymore!!

That said, I decided to take up dyeing. As on NOW. Or rather once I get some colour. My boyfriend will bring me the access card to the local METRO (huuuge store for people who own shops, where you get next to everything), and I’m gonna go there this week to get some food colours. Should work fine, I think. I also found some nice resources for undyed yarn, so maybe this time I’ll make it to the dye pods.

The MS3 is done! No pics yet as I still need to get some substitute blocking wires, but should have pics by the end of the week. Cast on for SotS directly thereafter, and hope to make the finished-clue-2-deadline this week. I feel a little stressed there, actually.

At the moment I’m a little crazy. Miss V did a great job picking me up (actually she wrote that email before I complained about life & and the universe, but her response was my salvation. thanks so much!). Now I’m at least confident to be a halfway-good editor person. Although sometimes I miss the days of staff writer existence. So much less to care about! But this has been the one light at the end of the tunnel (no, not hellfire, although that totally cracked me up yesterday!) for me during the last weeks, and I think will be my crutch for the weeks to come.

knitting, again!

•October 12, 2007 • 1 Comment

World, I’m back.

So, I had my appointment with my doc today. I could have spent the time waiting with something worthwhile, but so I read and chatted with some old friends I met there. Doc looks at the letter I’m handing over, tells me to do exercise, probably go swimming (uhm, we’re talking about moving hands in cold water when hands being tingling, painful, sensationless?), and does the best, sending me over to physical therapy. Called that office, got th earliest appointment, in 2 weeks.

That was about when I sat there for two minutes, fuming, then went online, and searched. And, dhu, I found my condition! Not really carpal tunnel syndrome, although I do have that, too, and am happy about the appointment so I will then get my braces, but it’s the wrong fingers. what I have is the similar thing with the other nerve innervating the hand – and that likely from something in the elbow – either I lay on it, bumped it hard, or I overstrained the whole arm typing and excessive using the computer mouse.

I then called a good friend who is studying to get a physical therapist, who laughed a moment at the doc, then told me to stop acting the fool, do some massaging of the elbow-arm-wrist-hand-fingers, tie a towel loosely at my elbow at night so I keep the arm stretched out which will relief the muscle there – and likely everything till be okay in a few days. Id no, I do already have an appointment! And yes, I should stop gnashing my teeth, and take up the needles as long as the hand feels okay with it.

As that sounded the most helping I heard in days, I followed his suggestions, stretched a bit, rested the arm a bit, knit up the first of a pair of fetchings – and my hand’s feeling the best of all week. I’m now using some leftover yarn cake to support my wrist when using the mouse, and will get a good mouse pad with wrist support next week – but things are really looking up around here. He also promised that even if it didn’t go away until my appointment, I would neither hurt nerves nor muscles, so apart from the bad feeling I would suffer no consequences. Thank you very much! Mostly for the knitting 🙂

sigh – sighsighsighsighsighsighsigh

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Not knitting – hell! I’m really getting cranky by now, and it is getting worse by the hour. Wanna knit!!

I already got the letter from the neurologist, but would you think I understand a line of what the diagnostic findings state? Noooo! I just understand how neural signal transduction works, but getting some figures and stuff written on the paper – nigh. So in one hour my doctor opens his office, and I’ll be first in line. or whatever, but I’ll be ready and armed with that leaflet so he gotta translate this to me. and get me something for my stupid pinkie of doom, because I neeeed to knit!!

okay, dramatics aside, I’m happy that things are progressing this fast, and hope that I can get the braces ordered to day (at leas I think I’ll get them, and molded to my hands, too), so I’ll have them by next week. because even typing is awful, grabbing the mouse is eek (well, where do you think I got this stuff in the first place, huh?), and I purleease want the feeling on my hands back, and all this stuff done for until it gets bad enough to warrant surgery. because honestly? This sucks!

Thanks for bearing with me. Gotta go spin some, to calm down, and let the hour go past.